About Bessie Mac

An animal lover since childhood, Bessie Mac made the life-changing decision to become a foster mother for the Arizona Schnauzer Rescue.  Moved by the real life stories of neglect, trauma, hope, and compassion, she was compelled to share the journey of the animals she met. The Forever Home series chronicles both the struggles and victories of animals Bessie has taken into her home.

Super Dog Seeks to Adopt

Super Dog is looking to adopt a new family! Click here for more information, and to see if your family would make a good match.

Holly's Story

Holly’s Story is a heartwarming tale of love and survival based on the true adventures of a “mutt” abandoned by the family she trusted. If that’s not enough to get a dog down, she finds herself in a shelter hospital after being hit by a car. While she enjoys meeting several interesting and inspiring new friends, Holly questions where her life is headed – all the while dreading the possibility of becoming the next victim of the “Big Brown Door.”

Little Bear Speaks

Click here to begin reading The Chronicles of Little Bear - A series of short tales from the life of our very own Little Bear

Upcoming Books

Bessie Mac isn’t stopping at Holly’s Story. She’s already working on Smoker’s Story, a novel based on the real life of Smoker, the well-loved character readers first met in Holly’s Story. Keep an eye out for news about its release!

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